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I started work with this company Amazon Assistant Inc. around 16 months ago. I still remember that my interview was taken by the founder of our Company Sir Haroon Usman on 20 Nov 2019. Honestly, at that time I wasn’t qualified for this job but this company gave me the opportunity to make my life better. 

I’M Abdul Hadi, join AMZ-DOC in 2020 with 0% knowledge about E-commerce. Amz doc give chance to step up in the industry of E-commerce,Now with the help and prayers of seniors. I have hand-on experience of many platform Specially in Amazon, Ebay and Estay and similar platform, I’m with company vision, try to delivered best to company.

My name is Yafat Javed. I started working with AMZ-DOC on 12th May 2018. It’s always a pleasure working here. Such a great team and friendly environment. I learned a lot from this company. And I am still learning. They also gave me the opportunity to develop and increase my skills. The clients are also very friendly and understanding. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to work here. Hoping to work here as long as I can. Because I cannot think of a better company with such amazing environment. I wish all the best for the great success of the company.

Joined The Amazon Assistant Inc as freshie, had no knowledge about e commerce and amazon. Trained by professional and developed skills at quick pace because of practical approach provided by company. Developed interpersonal skills specially communication and leading skills from working and friendly environment of company. Got and avail a lot of growth opportunities. Summarizing that became an expert in both earning and interpersonal skills because of our company.

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